Production Platform

Here are the steps in creating your video:

Step 1: Create your new video by clicking on “Create a Production”.
Include a title, detailed description, and aspect ratio of the production. Collaborators will determine their decision to join your production based on this information.

Step 2: Write the Script.
Before you can start uploading videos and editing them, you need to write the script and include at least one character and a scene or shot. The Character could be the actor, presenter, video maker, artist, or voice over.

Step 3: Build the Team.
Click on the “Invite to Production” link to begin building the production team by inviting users and assigning roles.
Users can access the production description and may accept or decline the invitation. Selected users will have different access levels to the productions depending on their role.

Step 4: Work on Your Production:
Access the “My Production” page and click on your production hyperlink to work on your production, or click “Edit” to update your production description and collaborators list by searching for additional producers, writers, editors, actors/characters, artists, and sound engineer or musicians.

For corporate or enterprise users:

“Characters” may include: company executives, educators, product or service managers, narrator, or simply anyone who will be uploading videos and related files.

“Artists” may include company product or service developer, graphic designer, marketing personnel, or anyone who will be uploading video, audio, images, and related files.

Step 5: Continue or Finish Your Own or Other’s Productions

Click on “My Productions”.

Select one of the video productions. Use the following tools to change, enhance, and compile your video:
  1. The “Scene Editor” allows you to select the scene you wish to edit and access the video editor. Once there, click on any of the scenes and shots located in the timeline to access the script data. The drop down menu to the right includes all the Video Production Assets: music, video, and images tabs as well as access to video effects, transitions, and themes.
  2. The “Edit” hyperlink under “scene editor” allows Producers to update the project description and invite more contributors to productions.
  3. The “Video Production Name” link takes you to the production page
  4. “Writing Editor” takes you to the script writer page where you can access characters, scenes, and shots. Please do not save your work.